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Are Custom Built WordPress Websites Better Than Free Template Websites?
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
Are Custom Built WordPress Websites Better Than Free Template Websites?

In business today, pre-built templates might seem an attractive option when setting up a website. However, what looks like a time-saving hack might prove problematic in the long term as functionality, speed, search engine optimisation (SEO) and expansion possibilities all prove insufficient.

Here, we review some key considerations when choosing between a free template and a custom-built web presence. Notably, making the right decision could be instrumental to business success; the appearance a company presents is crucial for brand image, sales growth and overall reputation.

Avoiding Initial Temptation

Stock designs usually have a shorter lead-time and a lower upfront cost – quite tempting propositions. In reality, though, while they are perhaps suitable for small, simple projects, these pre-built themes designs are – by definition – widely available for almost anyone to use. Consequently, free template websites do not project a unique identity. Worse still, they might even resemble a competitor.

Other possible disadvantages of some themed template layouts include:

  • Restricted customisation makes it difficult to match an existing logo, design or corporate identity.
  • Limited site architecture and inflexibility could complicate future growth.
  • Older coding methods (often seen in free template websites) are not SEO friendly.
  • Incompatible browser functionality or quirks may mean that the resulting website displays differently on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, for instance.
  • Pages do not resize correctly on mobile devices, due to lack of responsiveness.

Attracting Customers Through Design

In contrast, a business website with a luxurious look and feel is likely to attract customers. Visitors and repeat purchasers prefer a safe, simple and straightforward online transaction - not one that is slow, insecure or prone to errors.

Behind the scenes, the teams that create bespoke webs ensure optimal configuration from the outset. In particular, an efficient website needs to employ the most recent coding standards to achieve the best results. More than just a technical nicety, the latest coding protocols allow web pages to work correctly with search engines. This compatibility (or, as it were, SEO friendliness) is invisible to site visitors – but highly evident in the programming code of custom built websites. Moreover, it is essential for high rankings in search results.

During the design stages, the developers check that each page works with different types of browsers and is fully responsive on portable devices such as mobile telephones and tablets. Importantly, inbuilt SEO keyword optimisation attracts leading search engines including Google, thus providing a better ranking, boosted search results and more prospective customers.

Additionally, custom-built websites can grow with your organisation, especially if you are a technology company with more than two or three products or services. Such web projects have a team behind them with a pool of creativity, collective experience and defined support processes. Characteristically, the page layouts are well thought out and their overall design reflects the qualities of individual organisations and their respective brand images.

Naturally, the result is professional in appearance and benefits the prospective customer to sales conversion ratios, along with customer retention. Crucially, therefore, a well-designed website promotes a company’s image and is a long-term investment.

Managing Your Content

Throughout a bespoke site, your online presence will be clear and consistent for customers to see. Nonetheless, there is more. Here at Grabsome, we like to enhance your experience. As well as specialising in designing and implementing custom built websites, we also enable business website owners to manage their content using a straightforward and intuitive Content Management System (CMS).

A CMS makes maintenance easy, through an interface that allows quick updates to the online content – or full access and control, should you wish. WordPress is a popular and versatile CMS with more than half of the global market share. So that your business can harness its proven power with ease, we offer a custom website development service to companies and organisations throughout Ireland. Importantly, we also offer after-sales and technical support in the unlikely event of technical problems, so your business can tap into a wealth of experience, advice and information on hand.

In summary, the key benefits of custom built websites are:

  • High quality – positive user experience.
  • Optimised for SEO.
  • Professionally built and seamless.
  • Properly designed – clarity and consistency evident throughout.
  • Unique identity, exactly right for your business.
  • Scaleable; able to expand as your business grows. With a custom website, you will be able to cater for members only, privileged clients, special events and promotions or even portfolios for new projects.

Making It Happen: Your Business Online

Now, with GrabSome, you can link the best of WordPress to an expert bespoke design service. As a leading B2B digital marketing consultancy in Ireland, we know a thing or two about custom website development and its advantages. Whether you are a growing High Potential Start-up (HPSU) or an Established Business - we can create you a custom web design to suit your business needs.

If you are a decision maker with responsibility for marketing and would like to discuss custom website development, we will be delighted to assist.

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