Account-Based Marketing

B2B Lead Generation

Generating qualified leads is a constant challenge faced by many organisations and deciding what approach to take can be overwhelming. DigitalCRO is here to take that stress away. We bring sales and marketing together to deliver your prospects with personalized and valuable communication, resulting in quality and qualified leads.

B2B Lead Generation Success

Our campaigns are tailored to your business goals and budget. Our strategies have proven successful in filling pipelines, allowing your sales team to focus on closing deals. 

Features of Lead Generation for B2B Companies

__Project Onboarding-1

Project Onboarding

Onboarding your sales team and aligning them with marketing to ensure a smooth campaign.

List Building

List Building

We will work with you to understand ideal accounts and the individuals within them to target.

__Conversion Offers

Conversion Offers

Creating valuable and relevant content designed to convert your prospects into leads.

__Campaign Management

Campaign Management

Your dedicated account manager will ensure your campaign runs smoothly and efficiently.

__Detailed Monthly Report copy

LinkedIn ABM Ads

Targeting your prospects with relevant call to actions through unique and inviting ads.

__Detailed Monthly Report

Detailed Monthly Report

Know how much you are spending, where it is being spent and the expected returns.

The Result

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B2B Lead Generation Resources

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Account-Based or Inbound Marketing

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Other Solutions

Digital Marketing Programme

Digital Marketing Programme

Our digital marketing programme is designed to enhance your online presence and  increase your company's sales potential.

Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development

We custom design and develop CMS websites that are marketing automated and fully integrated with CRM systems.