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Custom Web Design is Essential for Business
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
Custom Web Design is Essential for Business

Why Custom Web Design is Essential for Business

In today’s digital marketplace, the businesses that enjoy the greatest success are those with an appealing, engaging and effective web presence. To boost sales, increase turnover and assure corporate success, a company should invest in quality web design for the best impact and results. Here, we look at how a business can become one of these high achievers, along with the reasons why cheaper websites made from templates are not the best option in the long run.

How Custom Designs Boost Business

Nowadays, the choice of custom-built web design could be instrumental to business success. Marketing and IT decision makers, therefore, should take site appearance and brand image into account. Pages that look and feel custom are more likely to attract prospects and turn them into customers, instead of losing interest after just a few clicks. Once engaged, site visitors naturally prefer timely, accurate performance – not sites that are patched together, prone to errors, difficult to read and slow to work.

Building Bespoke Company Websites

In contrast, a fully functional and well-constructed site will improve sales conversion ratios and enhance reputation. With the right design and designers, bespoke websites have optimal configuration from the outset. On the technical side, they make use of the latest coding standards; pages are fully compatible with search engines and, consequently, achieve those all-important high rankings in search results.

Additionally, custom-built websites can grow with organisations as their e-commerce expands. Page designs are unique, well balanced and based on a common theme. They are also easy on the eye and reflective of the corporate identity and brand image. Vitally, they respond to different screen sizes on mobile devices.

Where Templates Fail

At first glance, pre-formatted and ready-made templates might seem to be an attractive option. However, there are several pitfalls. Unfortunately, what looks like a time-saving and cost reducing hack will probably prove to be problematic in the medium to long term. Critically, their functionality, scalability, speed of performance and SEO (search engine optimisation) credentials will likely fall short.

As businesses grow, web expansion and content management tend to become more important. Performance comes under the spotlight and – regrettably – even some of the optional extra features that some template site providers make available (albeit, often at an extra charge) are little or no match for a purpose-designed corporate web presence.

Additionally, pre-built themed designs are available for almost anyone to use. In other words, they do not promote a unique business identity. Worryingly, the general impression when the page loads on customers’ screens might not look like your organisation and, worse, may even resemble that of a competitor.

Making It Happen

If you share our enthusiasm and demand an effective digital strategy that includes a comprehensive and complete web design service, we should talk. Our experts and design specialists will help you to realise your corporate potential. We will ensure your brand representation is of the highest standard in the digital marketplace. Page design and appearance, performance and optimisation will be top quality, with your unique identity featuring throughout.

At GrabSome, clients can be sure of:

  • A project manager on hand to answer questions, process feedback and act as the link with the design and development teams.
  • Sitemap creation for new websites, or a review for website redesign projects to agree what to keep and what to remove.
  • Web design with Figma, with approval of design proposals page by page. From the beginning, you can see what the layout, style, colour, and information flow will be like.
  • Responsive coding in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Before it goes live, you will see a prototype of your new website in a local environment.
  • Web development using WordPress as a content management system (CMS), combined with feature-rich ACFPro to fine-tune the functionality and enhance performance.
  • Google Tag Manager, already setup and installed so that all tracking scripts are in one central location for efficiency.

Delivering Results

Here at GrabSome, our web design approach is straightforward and clear. Your new site will be intuitive to navigate, automated for marketing and fully optimised for search engines. Importantly, we also offer after-sales and technical support in the unlikely event of queries. Your business will be able to tap into a wealth of experience, with advice and information available on hand or with a quick phone call.

In summary, the key benefits of custom-built websites are:

  • High quality: a positive user experience, with seamless navigation.
  • A high level of SEO based on real customer search words and phrases.
  • Proper design, with clarity and consistency throughout.
  • A unique identity, exactly right for the business concerned.
  • Scalability, so your business or other organisation can expand the site and cater for members only, privileged clients, special events, promotions and new project portfolios, should you decide.

If you are a business decision maker in Ireland and would like to discuss custom website development and optimisation, we will be delighted to assist. Our team of professionals specialises in B2B services. For more information, please contact our sales team today.

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