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Four Ways to Build Your B2B Brand Online
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
Four Ways to Build Your B2B Brand Online

Building your brand online is important for all businesses, but it’s particularly important if you operate in the B2B space. By having strong content, social media presence, search engine optimization and an up to date website, you can show potential clients why they should choose to do business with you instead of your competitors. This guide offers four ways you can build your B2B brand online.


Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great way to network, stay up-to-date on trends, and learn from people in your industry. First of all, create a company page with a brief introduction of your company and your mission statement. Then, spend some time networking with potential clients, as well as those who have an interest in what you’re selling. You can start discussions by sharing useful content relevant to your brand and your customers.  This will show your audience that you are involved in their community and interested in building relationships. Lastly, make sure you publish interesting information on your own profile so that people can gain insight into how you do business. Share links to helpful articles or blogs that show off your knowledge. These steps will help position you as a thought leader and a trusted authority within your space while engaging directly with target customers.


Create Engaging Content

Well-written and relevant content is critical for building your B2B brand. Creating content helps you build trust with your prospects and signals to search engines that you are a company worth exploring further. Ensure your content is unique, authoritative, and educational by setting up tracking codes like Google Analytics and incorporating backlinks from other websites.  Then, promote it on LinkedIn and be sure to optimize your website so it shows up in search results. If people can’t find you online, they won’t buy from you. Create engaging experiences that help customers engage with your brand before purchasing anything else—from brochures to infographics to free whitepapers. With just a little creativity, almost any type of digital asset can be repurposed into valuable information customers need before buying goods or services.


Optimize For Search Engines

A lot of people like using Facebook and Twitter because it makes them feel like they're engaged in social media. But, if you really want to get your product or service in front of people, Google is where it's at. Not only can you rank high in search results and drive tons of traffic, but you can use keywords and phrases to generate leads and sales. When done correctly, links from high-ranking websites will boost your ranking on Google, essentially making you an authority on whatever products or services you're promoting.  The higher your SEO ranking goes up, the more people you reach and the more potential for customers. You also need a keyword strategy that involves landing pages that are optimized for search engines. This way, when someone searches a term related to what you offer online, they'll be taken directly to your site, presented with something of value to them and hopefully not bounce away without buying anything.


Have A Strong Website

A strong website provides potential clients with an immediate sense of professionalism. It should be responsive, interactive and intuitive, all while providing a wealth of valuable information about your company’s products and services. By focusing on these four elements— web design, content creation, functionality and structure—you can create a quality site that looks great on mobile devices, too. After all, there are more searches conducted on mobile devices than computers these days. Make sure your site is set up for success.  In addition to having relevant information upfront, add a search function so people can easily find specific pages when they do searches. Keep your customer's needs in mind by offering downloadable content, including tools they might not have thought of before along with relevant articles about your industry which will benefit their business as well as yours! As you're making updates to your site, ask friends or colleagues if they'd mind taking a look at it--they may notice things you overlooked! See what works and what doesn't so you don't waste time on ideas that aren't effective. Constantly refining your strategy will give you more power over how future visitors experience your site.


Time To Build

Building your B2B brand online is no easy task. First and foremost, it takes time and dedication. Creating a strong online presence for your company will follow when these four tips are put into place. The best way to do all of these things is with consistency! This means you should schedule a specific time each week that’s dedicated to creating and updating online assets that support your marketing efforts. Once you get into a routine, it won’t seem so daunting. Good luck, but don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it, the team at GrabSome are happy to help!

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