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The 5 Best Lead Generation Tools for B2B Companies
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
The 5 Best Lead Generation Tools for B2B Companies

Lead generation has always been an important aspect of modern business, but it’s even more critical today in the digital age. Fortunately, there are some great tools available to help companies automate their lead generation campaigns, streamline their sales processes, and gain valuable insights into the needs of their prospective customers that would have previously taken months of on-the-ground research to discover. Here are some of the best tools on the market today to help B2B companies generate leads more efficiently and sell more effectively.


LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Sales Navigator can help you reach your leads at their convenience. For example, if a contact from XYZ Company shows that he or she views LinkedIn on a weekly basis, Sales Navigator will suggest messages be sent to him/her at specific times—including while he/she is logged in. If a contact has had a profile viewed within an hour of logging into LinkedIn, Sales Navigator can automatically send them messages with all of your new offers and news. Now that’s what we call targeted lead generation!  With social selling growing more popular every day, having an automated assistant like Sales Navigator can dramatically boost your B2B marketing efforts. You can also send save leads into lists and find potential leads within targeted filters determined by your ideal customer profile. LinkedIn Sales Navigator also has a different messaging portal to LinkedIn and allows you to send InMails, a credible, private, and customized messaging tool helping you contact any LinkedIn user, including 2nd and 3rd-degree connections. Overall, LinkedIn Sales Navigator gives businesses a great head start towards reaching quality B2B leads efficiently through its automation tools. We recommend signing up for free today!


Lead Forensics

Your sales team needs help with lead generation. Rather than rely on gut instinct or biased data, you should look to tools like Lead Forensics. With an easy-to-use interface, it integrates directly with Google Analytics and other platforms to parse data and pinpoint areas where your marketing is reaching its target audience. For example, if you want to find out who is visiting your website but not engaging in any other way (such as signing up for your newsletter), then Lead Forensics can tell you where they're coming from, what pages they're spending time on, and more.   This type of information provides valuable insight into how your marketing funnel is performing so that you can improve conversion rates.  And, if you use it as part of a wider CRM package such as HubSpot, the integration will automatically pull together contact information and make records searchable across multiple sources—which saves a lot of time when you're trying to reach out to potential clients! What's even better is that since companies often make decisions based on their internal metrics alone, there's a good chance your competitor isn't doing anything similar—and might be missing some opportunities. If your business is actively engaged in generating new leads, then Lead Forensics will definitely come in handy! We recommend giving it a try.


HubSpot CRM

HubSpot's CRM is a free tool designed to make it easy to manage leads and your sales pipeline.  Its features include lead management, calendaring appointments and events with clients through integrations with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook. The platform also comes with integrations for project management apps like Asana and Trello.  It'll send you alerts when your prospect engages with your content.  And, you can easily build email drip campaigns to nurture prospects until they are ready to buy. Finally, HubSpot has impressive social media monitoring capabilities that allow you to track social conversations around topics related to your company or industry -- helping you stay on top of new trends in your space. All of these features can be daunting but with the help of a trusted HubSpot partner by your side like GrabSome, you can be assured you will get the most out of your investment in the software.



This is an SEO-focused tool that also analyzes the organic search visibility of your industry, which is invaluable if you’re trying to get ahead of your competitors in search engine rankings. What sets SEMRush apart from other tools like it? The data is very easy to read and interpret, making it easier for you to understand where your marketing dollars are working and where they aren’t. Plus, it has a ton of features that allow you to get super granular with reporting. This means that when clients ask why does my competitor rank above me? or how did my website perform last month compared to my direct competitors? you can show them all that information in one place. This might sound overwhelming to some marketers, but SEMRush makes reports super user-friendly, so it doesn’t have to be scary. If you want a simple way to see how much traffic every single site in your niche generates—and compare it side by side with competitors—SEMRush is a great way to do just that. 



Unlike many social networks, Quora is made specifically for Q&A. If your target demographic is more business-minded, then you’ll likely benefit from advertising on Quora. You can set up an ad that promotes a particular piece of content on your website and target people based on age, gender, and location. You will be appealing to someone's pain point that they have gone searching for the answer to. By giving them the answer they are looking for and more, there is potential for lead generation success here. According to research by Quora, 54% of their users are already aware if they want something. Your ad could go over well with these types of individuals who don't need it at all because they're not actively trying to solve a problem but instead finding out about new options available to them. It all depends on what exactly you're offering! 



Every successful business needs to generate leads and nurture those prospects until they become paying customers. There are many lead generation tools out there that can help you find new customers, but not all of them fit every company’s needs. Consider some of these tools when planning your next business process and see which one(s) work best for you! And, of course, if we missed any great ones in our list please reach out to us and let us know. If your business needs advice on B2B lead generation we would be happy to help, you can contact us here.

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