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Using a Chatbot for B2B Digital Marketing
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
Using a Chatbot for B2B Digital Marketing

The idea of using robots is intimidating to some people. However, a chatbot is one of the robots that put our hearts at ease. You have probably witnessed its use in B2C marketing. However, chatbots also useful in B2B digital marketing.

Just like other Artificial Intelligence platforms, chatbots are effective in boosting ROI. Aversion towards chatbots and other AI-platforms is often due to the misconception that it takes over from human intelligence. In reality, AI and machine learning are here to improve our lives. Chatbots are incredible tools that reduce the burden of repeating a time-consuming task. There is a prediction that 80% of businesses will embrace chatbots by 2020.

So what are chatbots, and why are they becoming popular? Read on to discover the benefits of chatbots and their application in B2B digital marketing.

What Are Chatbots?

Sometimes when you log in to a website, a chat window will pop up. That is a chatbot. It is a computer program that interacts with customers. The machine is programmed to reply to questions and communicate with customers in text or speech.

Initially, chatbots used pre-programmed responses to answer questions. However, they now utilise artificial intelligence and can intelligently answer queries and hold a conversation. The machine learning capabilities enable a chatbot to use the data to find an appropriate response. They are capable of retaining knowledge and learning, which makes a chatbot ideal for handling B2B customers’ problems.

Chatbots are commonplace in websites, apps, and social networks. With the rise in popularity of messaging apps, businesses need to find a way to reach customers on those platforms. With close to two billion WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger users, chatbots come in handy in handling issues and selling to customers because it is familiar territory for them. Besides, 47% of customers do not mind buying from chatbots, which makes it easy for companies to reach them.

How to Use Chatbots in B2B Digital Marketing

83% of customers need assistance to complete an online purchase. So what happens when an agent is unavailable to respond to their queries and give guidance through the process? You will end up losing customers. Chatbots are intuitive and engaging. A customer does not need to go to a new page. Once they click on the conversation window, they can get what they need. The ease of use and familiarity has made chatbots popular among digital marketers for lead generation, content distribution, and data collection. Here are some of the applications of chatbot in B2B marketing.

1. Content Distribution

Chatbots are taking over from emails. They facilitate direct interaction with your company. Therefore, you do not need to send multiple emails, which may end up in a spam folder. Chatting with customers helps companies learn their needs and tailor their products and services to satisfy their needs. You can learn about a person's preferences and styles from direct chats. Therefore, when distributing content, it should be customised to address the customers’ pain points.

2. Lead Generation and Nurturing

A chatbot is an excellent platform for generating highly qualified leads for B2B. If a customer is making inquiries about your product, you should provide relevant information and guide them through the purchase process. The challenge is to ensure quality interactions. The responses should prompt your prospect to respond and act. You can also utilise a chatbot to inspire potential B2B customers to take action. It could be as small as following you on social media or subscribing to your YouTube channel. Those micro-commitments are vital for lead nurturing. It uncovers their needs and helps you deliver valuable content.

3. Capture Insights & Build Interest Around a Promotion

Generating qualified leads is a daunting task. Most of the time, you have to rely on luck to get visitors to fill out a form and visit your website. However, with chatbots, you can learn about a potential customer from your first interactions. If you know the right questions to ask, you can nurture the lead and help them make a purchase. The insights you get the first few seconds will help you steer the conversation in the right direction. You could also use a chatbot’s interactions to drive visitors towards a promotion. For instance, if you have a new product in the market, use the customers' questions to build interest and inform them of the new product.

4. Customer Service

The leading role of a chatbot is to engage customers and ensure that they have the best experience. User experience is also vital in B2B marketing. You need to provide quick and easy ways for clients to find solutions to their problems. Chatbots can be the reason a company chooses your services over your competition. Why is that? The live chat gives them prompt answers and explains how your product meets their needs. Besides, every potential buyer appreciates quality customer service.

Advantages of Using Chatbots

  • The Chatbot is available 24/7.
  • It provides data and metrics on customers’ engagement levels.
  • Chatbots promote brands and nurture leads.
  • Chatbots provide excellent customer services with zero waiting time.
  • Customers receive instant feedback for their queries.
  • Chatbots reduce the cost of hiring multiple agents to handle customers.

What Are the Benefits of a HubSpot Chatbot?

Web visitors expect real-time chat on your website. Therefore, you need a chatbot to assist you in the interactions. The Hubspot chatbot is a free tool that supports live conversations and automates your processes. The bot can also book meetings and link to relevant articles for further assistance.

Using the HubBot has the following benefits:

An Automated Bot

Apart from the availability of services at all times, a HubBot can qualify leads and offer integrated solutions for your business needs. It can answer questions, book a meeting with one of your representative, and address customers concerns. Therefore, your brand will be live 24/7. You can integrate HubBot with the free CRM to synchronise information and provide a human touch to the chatbot.

No Need for Complex Coding Skills

HubSpot provides multiple templates that you can use to launch your chatbot in minutes. You do not need any coding to complete the process. The setup is also straightforward, and you will not have any trouble during the creation process.


The future of chatbots is already here. Therefore, every business should find a way to leverage it for B2B marketing success. Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries about chatbots or using Hubspot for this service.

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