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WordPress Web Design
Glen Quinn
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WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

At GrabSome, we listen to our clients to gain a thorough understanding of their business and their goals. This is a critical step in order to apply precise research and brand analysis. It also provides the design of an effective digital marketing strategy that meets and typically exceeds, expectations.

Design and Develop

We design and develop websites using WordPress, each custom designed and developed from the ground up. For every website created, we will research and pay special attention to the layout, design, branding, messaging and onsite optimisation.

WordPress Servers

We only uses premium WordPress servers for client websites. The servers are especially suited to WordPress. The professional server plan can handle 100K visitors per month, it includes an SSL Certificate for security, and a CDN for increased website speed.

Website Optimisation

GrabSome conforms to SEO standards implementing the most up to date SEO practices and SEO Software Tools. The optimisation process includes making sure web pages, titles, tags, content and overall structure of the website are optimised for your target keywords.

Web Design Process

The process takes 3 months from the initial design concept to website launch.

Market Research

The team at GrabSome plan to succeed for clients, and before any new web project we conduct extensive market research to identify opportunities in the market. This includes a target audience review, persona profiling, competitor analysis and new web technology.

Online Branding

Many companies have cluttered online branding. At times, these communication messages are not aligned and sometimes web and other branded material are not in sync. GrabSome take a holistic view of your brand identity and translate that into custom website design.

Website Design

Upon completion of Market Research and Brand Analysis, a well-thought out plan is established that marks time frames and deliverables. GrabSome is high-end website design driven, lead generation and onsite conversions are a top priority for business growth.

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