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Generating Good Quality B2B Leads for Your Business
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
Generating Good Quality B2B Leads for Your Business

How do you generate good quality B2B leads? The most important thing to remember about generating B2B leads, whether you’re doing it yourself or hiring someone else to do it, is that lead generation is not just about posting ads and hoping people will respond to them. It involves a strategic combination of tactics, some of which will be outbound and some of which will be inbound. In this guide we’ll go over several strategies you can use to create more qualified B2B leads and attract more business-to-business clients.


Why Is B2B Lead Generation Important For My Business?

The fact that you’re reading up on lead generation tells us that it’s an important topic to you. After all, if it weren’t, why would you spend time reading about it? Why would you even need to generate leads? After all, every business generates leads every day—or at least they try to. The real question is what are your lead-generation goals and what are your expectations of these leads? Do they need to be qualified or will any lead do? Once you know what’s required of your prospective customer, then you can start thinking about how best to go about getting them.  Sometimes you might find generating B2B leads easier than others; sometimes it might feel like hitting a brick wall. But by figuring out what sort of profile your ideal lead has, there are ways you can use resources available to improve your chances of converting more visitors into clients. 


Identify Your Target Markets

The first step is to identify your target markets. You should be clear on who you want to approach for your business. It helps if you know what they want, their preferences and where they hang out. The more you know about them, and how to get in touch with them, the better off you will be when generating good quality B2B leads. Where can we find our ideal customers? That's a question we need to answer because only then we will be able to develop good quality b2b leads that are really worth anything! Chances are, if someone is looking online trying to solve a problem, it's yours! So don't hesitate in going after those potential customers. Carry out market research to find out what people in your ideal customer profile are searching for in Google, YouTube or other search engines. By knowing which keywords people type into search engines, you'll be able to create content that answers their questions directly without having too much competition. This means less hard work finding new clients! Market research is also essential if you're starting an ad campaign. By making sure your ads show up on relevant searches of your chosen keywords, your ads will reach an audience that's already interested in whatever it is you're selling.


Create Relevant Content

As simple as it sounds, make sure you create relevant content. Without relevance, no one will care about your brand or what you’re doing in general. Focus on what really matters in terms of delivering value to your target audience. Create valuable content that addresses one or more of your leads' pain points and address them directly. By demonstrating expertise and providing solutions within your content, you’ll generate trust and increase conversions over time. Even if you don’t end up making a sale with that person right away, when they have an issue they need help solving—they might just turn to you when they realize they can trust you and rely on your expertise when it comes to their business issues. Also, remember, every lead is a potential customer down the road so treat them well! You can create content that helps your leads during each stage of their buying journey


Get Active On LinkedIn

If you’re trying to generate good quality leads, it helps to be active on social media. You should focus specifically on LinkedIn—it’s one of the best places to network with other business owners and generate quality B2B leads. If you’re not already using LinkedIn, it can be a little intimidating at first; but once you get into it, it really doesn’t take that much time or effort. When creating your profile, don’t just write an overview about yourself; share your accomplishments! People are drawn to successful people. Use LinkedIn groups as a place to network and make sure to make connections frequently. This will help you connect with prospective clients and increase sales within your target market. Once you begin sharing helpful content on a regular basis, you’ll find new connections joining your social circle every week. By keeping up these relationships, you’ll find yourself far ahead of others who aren’t making use of LinkedIn as a powerful tool for generating good quality b2b leads online. It may seem like work now, but before long it will feel like second nature to incorporate social media into your daily business practices! In fact, after your presence may become part of what sets you apart from competitors in similar industries as you establish yourself as a thought leader.


Build Relationships and Personalize

No matter how well you know your business, if you’re not able to establish a personal relationship with your leads, they won’t feel any more inclined to work with you. To generate good quality leads, start by building relationships. Be personable. Listen actively. Focus on developing trust and understanding between you and your leads so that when it comes time to talk business, there are no barriers in place that would prevent them from doing business with you. Focus on their pain points and the solutions that you can provide them with.  Make sure that you’re speaking their language—not selling or pushing too hard. Instead of pushing your product or service on them, help them understand how it will help resolve their problems or take care of the needs they have.


Invest In Paid Ads

There are a number of paid ads to invest in—like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads—that could generate leads. With these platforms, you can set a budget, create an ad, and measure its effectiveness all from one platform. These platforms also have advanced tools that allow you to get pretty granular when it comes to defining your audience. In fact, with Facebook’s Lookalike Audiences tool, you can even target people who aren’t already customers! Investing in remarketing or retargeting campaigns means those who visit your website will be able to see your paid ads as they browse other websites. While there is no formula for creating a perfect lead generation campaign, try testing different approaches on various channels until you find something that works best for your business. 


Time To Get Generating

In closing,  there are many different tactics you can implement to generate good quality leads. The more of these that you apply to your business plan, then more likely you will be able to get in front of your potential customers. What are some ways you have had success with generating B2B leads? Have you tried any of these? How did they work out for you? Please feel free to share with us! If you want to learn more about how GrabSome can help you with your B2B lead generation then feel free to get in touch with us today.

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