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6 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
6 Marketing Ideas for Small Businesses

Making your company known to the public is challenging let alone making it a popular brand. It is essential for every venture, whether huge or small, to capitalize on the available marketing ideas in the industry today. Marketing ideas for small enterprises vary from customer relations to sales and promotion. The fast-paced 21st century has witnessed vast changes across every industry especially the tech sector. The cost of using advertisement services may be expensive. However, there are other marketing ideas that are pocket-friendly. Whether you are running an email campaign or investing in social media advertisement, there are several ways to promote your small business.

Build An Attractive Website

Marketing through websites is essential in the modern business industry. Every business nowadays creates an online presence to capitalize on every marketing opportunity. Websites are one of the most reliable means of advertisement since they can be easily accessible on almost every device. Mobile phones have become the primary medium to interact with customers. A lot of traffic comes from mobile gadgets. When creating your website, you should ensure that your mobile site is as functional and intriguing as your desktop site. It should include information about the brand the products and services offered and contact information. Use your website design to communicate the companies personality and values.

Use Social Media Advertising

Social media has changed the way people interact in modern society. It has brought people closer together. Its involvement in marketing has changed the industry. The major social media platforms at the moment include Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, among others. They have provided a platform for ventures to connect with their audience to drive website traffic, boosts sales, and grow their brands. Each of these platforms presents a different approach to interacting with your audience. Rather than trying to master all of them, chose a few that work best for you.

Social media marketing involves engaging your target audience by posting attractive content and running advertisements. Creating valuable content is an integral part of making social media marketing a success. Not only does your audience love great content, but so does search engines. You can use a variety of ways to share information such as articles, designing infographics, hosting podcasts, creating videos, blogging etc. This allows you to gain free traffic and establish authority as an expert. Content creation is not always a task that you must do yourself. There are several freelance assistants, graphic designers and writers who can help you create valuable content.

Invest In Marketing Tools

You should ensure that you incorporate automated customer tools like chatbots that can interact with customers. Concerning the hectic modern lifestyles, most people may not be able to handle every compliant, question or enquiry. For this reason, using tech to do this for you makes everything easier. Additionally, you are able to reach a wider audience.

You can also incorporate the use of customer relationship management applications (CRMs). They are essential in assessing hundreds of leads online to provide you with specific clients to focus on. This helps to close sales faster. At GrabSome HubSpot is our CRM of choice.

Send Email Newsletters

Newsletters are significant in marketing and has been embraced by many firms, from small to giant, in their marketing strategies. Reaching out is essential especially in ensuring people remember your brand. Use newsletters to keep subscribers up to date with news from your business and any special offers you might be running. Keep your newsletters engaging and packed with valuable content, you want your subscribers to look forward to receiving it!

Establish An Online Social Presence 

Set up an account for your brand on an array of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Keep these accounts active and use them as a shortcut to your customers. Be there to answer questions or to give advice. Keep up with the latest trends and let your brands personality shine through these profiles.

Host Online Events

Businesses need to create a long-lasting relationship with their customers. To achieve this, you need to interact with the target market personally through hosting online events. To build a good reputation, you need customers to see the value in your brand. This makes your interaction easier, and the more they will be convinced that your brand is a good fit for them. Online events like webinars are a great way to share insights with your customers. Use webinars to host How-Tos, Live Demos, Q&As and more.

For more marketing tips get in touch with the team at GrabSome, we are happy to help!


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