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The Key to B2B Lead Generation
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
The Key to B2B Lead Generation

Stop and picture the sales funnel in your mind. Your marketing has introduced people to your B2B company. Therefore, they are already in your sales funnel. The next step is to nurture the lead to the point where you make the first sale. You need to consider several steps to ensure that the qualified person or people purchasing for their company do not fall out of your sales funnel.

In many ways, digital marketing for B2B lead generation is like putting a woodworking project together. First, you have to read the instruction manual to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Then, you have to make sure you have the tools needed to complete the project.

The Lead Generation Instruction Manual

Remember that companies do not buy products, people do. Therefore, you must create ideal customer profiles or buyer personas based on the people who are making the decision. At least two types of leads may all play an essential role within your company’s lead generation process. They are:

  • Marketing Qualified Leads – These people have contacted your company by submitting their information to you, usually through a landing page, but they are not ready for a sales call yet.
  • Sales Qualified Leads – These customers have reached out to your company to ask about your company, service or product.

Tools in Your Lead-Generation Toolbox

Think about your lead generation process as a toolbox. Just like a carpenter uses many different tools, you should be employing various lead-generation tools.

Creating Content

One way to generate great leads in B2B companies is to create content that they will find helpful. The exact specifics will depend on your niche markets.

After you publish great content across the internet, you need to lead your potential customers to a great landing page. Great landing pages should:

  • Use headlines to present your offer quickly
  • Asks for only the most essential information
  • Segment your audience by buyer personas
  • Leave no doubt in the potential buyer’s mind that they have reached the right place
  • Grab attention
  • Provides an easy-to-understand offer
  • Presents your value proposition
  • Utilizes a fear of missing out
  • Appeals to emotions
  • Tells the benefits of taking the action you want the customer to take


Only 20% of content marketers consider thought leadership essential to lead generation. Yet, over 45% of business decision-makers and 49% of C-suite execs say that thought leadership is essential in getting them interested in working with a company. LinkedIn is an excellent place to create your company’s thought leadership.  There are many different ways that you can use LinkedIn for lead gen, including:

  • Allow customers to know more about your key employees
  • Create customized content for your employees to share
  • Target customers through sponsored content
  • Deliver personalized ads through message ads
  • Employ text ads to reach your target buyer personas
  • Use carousel ads to deepen a customer’s understanding of your company

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

PPC can be a very effective lead-generation tool. The effectiveness of your PPC advertising depends on many different factors. If you are disappointed in your current results, then make sure that you are:

  • Using the right keywords to get your ads seen on pages that business executives are seeing
  • Sharing the benefits of your product or service in terms that business executives understand
  • Presenting your company from the customer’s point of view
  • Making a good value proposition in the executive’s eyes
  • Spending enough to capture the best keywords

When you understand the instructions and use the tools effectively, you have succeeded in gaining a larger market share. A/B testing always allows you to build your company’s share, similar to a woodworker constantly taking on more complex projects.

Some people are wonderful builders and enjoy the process. Others realize that they lack the skills and the knowledge to use them correctly. If you fall into this last group, contact GrabSome. We are your expert digital marketing key to quality lead generation.              

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