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Which HubSpot Marketing Certificates Should You Get?
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
Which HubSpot Marketing Certificates Should You Get?

The sales and marketing landscape is changing fast. This makes resources that help bridge the resulting knowledge gap invaluable. A leading resource centre for B2B marketers is the HubSpot Academy. The HubSpot academy has several short courses and certificates for B2B marketers, sales teams, and website developers.

At GrabSome we are proud to be one of the few HubSpot partners in Ireland. We have used the HubSpot Academy to further our knowledge on all things digital! At the moment we have 10 certificates between us, and this number is growing. As HubSpot partners, we are enthusiastic to keep up to date with all the courses HubSpot has to offer so we can provide our HubSpot clients with the best experience. We love that HubSpot are always adding new courses and certs to keep us up to date and informed!

What are the HubSpot certificates and courses?

HubSpot Academy offers education resources for anyone in the marketing industry looking for a means of sharpening their skills. The main advantage of this online school over the others is that the courses are free.

The courses cover services that digital B2B marketers regularly use, such as content marketing, inbound marketing, email marketing, and sales, among others. The course content includes slide decks, short videos, and transcriptions of the lectures.

Certification requires the completion of one of the relevant course. At the end of the course, there is an exam. Attaining a pass mark of 75% earns you a printable HubSpot certificate and a reward badge that can be embedded onto your website.

Why should you do these courses and earn these HubSpot certificates?

Here three reasons why you should consider taking one of these courses:

1. Enrich Your Marketing Career

Anything that can make you better at what you are doing is acceptable. If you are in the B2B marketing sector, then HubSpot courses offer that opportunity. ranked HubSpot’s Inbound Marketing course among the top five digital marketing certifications.

Most companies are looking for inbound marketing specialists & HubSpot is the pioneer of this marketing methodology. Therefore, having a related certification gives you an upper hand in the selection process.

2. Grow Your Business

Since inbound marketing is the latest industry trend, learning one or two techniques can significantly boost the performance of your B2B business. The certifications will also help you get to know the HubSpot platform.

Besides inbound marketing, there is email marketing certification. A 2018 study indicated that 75% of B2B businesses invest heavily in email marketing. Understanding how to do this right in the current market will increase your returns on investment significantly.

3. Join A Community of Experts

HubSpot certification connects you to other 100,000 certified inbound marketers. It opens access to a wealth of expertise from these fellow experts. To an extent, this network becomes an extension of your marketing and sales think tank. Make use of these connections to continue learning.


Our Favourite HubSpot Courses & Certificates

As experts in inbound marketing, we have found certain certifications very relevant in serving our B2B clients. Here is the list of our top five favourite HubSpot courses:


This course is a basic introduction to an inbound marketing strategy. We recommend it for those who are new to the inbound marketing methodology. Experts who wish to sharpen their knowledge of the basics are also welcome. This course is the best place to start your HubSpot academy journey.

Some of the covered topics include the inbound framework for the marketing and sales team. If you are looking for specialised knowledge, then opt for inbound marketing or inbound sales certifications.

HubSpot Software

The HubSpot software course is a favourite for those who are using the HubSpot automation platform for the first time. It is a great introduction to HubSpot and it takes you through the functionality of various tools in the platform and ways to use them to increase conversions. It also has demonstrations making you a HubSpot pro in only a few hours.

Content Marketing

This course teaches you how to apply inbound principles to content marketing. We recommend it for those who are looking for ways to develop an effective content marketing strategy. It is also suitable for bloggers and copywriters.

This course covers everything you need to know about content creation. Get to know the art of story-telling, learn how to generate content ideas, find out how to optimize your content for Google and more!

Contextual Marketing

Contextual marketing teaches how to personalise inbound marketing strategies. We propose it to B2B businesses that are implementing the account-based marketing strategy. It provides essential skills on how to improve target engagement with your website through the user experience.

Email Marketing

With marketers reporting a 59% increase in ROI through email marketing, this certification has earned its place in the list of our top five favourites. This course will teach you how to build an email marketing campaign that delivers the results you need. If you have problems measuring the success of your email marketing efforts, then this the course you should consider.


HubSpot Academy offers more than most online schools. You can add the certification to your LinkedIn page, website, or print it and display it together with your other business certifications in your office. However, you should remember that these HubSpot certificates are valid for only one year. Therefore, remember to seek re-certification annually and keep up to date with all the happenings in HubSpot!

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