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Five of Our Favourite HubSpot Features for B2B
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
Five of Our Favourite HubSpot Features for B2B

At GrabSome, we are continuously growing into a leading digital marketing agency in Ireland and beyond. One of our services is supporting B2B marketers using the HubSpot platform. We are among the few companies in Ireland that are certified HubSpot partners.

In this text, we explain the top five HubSpot features that we find essential for B2B businesses. They are our favourites, so find out why you should make them yours too.

1. Campaigns

It is little surprise that this feature tops the list because marketing is a campaign. However, a B2B marketer will find more to this feature than the name.

First, it allows us to concentrate our client’s marketing channels and efforts towards specific objectives or goals. It also simplifies the process of associating other marketing activities such as blog posts, emails, social media posts, call-to-actions, and landing pages, among others. This feature also enables comprehensive analysis of how targets and other visitors engage with our client’s content.

Benefits for B2B marketers:

• It helps in the creation of a well-organised marketing campaign and guides you into effective execution.
• It helps in generation of quality leads, traffic, and conversion of prospects.
• It allows tracking of results, which helps in determining the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Besides these core benefits, the feature is easy to use irrespective of the type of the campaign.

2. Personas

We find this feature invaluable in preparing campaigns on HubSpot. Unfortunately, most of our B2B clients do not use it until we teach them. The personas feature is where you create the profile of your prospective buyer. Some of the information to include here is their net-worth, expenditure, the key stakeholders, where to find them online, and many more. The goal is to provide an almost ideal picture of your target group on specific patterns and behaviour.

Benefits for B2B marketing:

• Understanding your prospects’ possible behaviour patterns allows you to understand how to reach out to them.
• It makes choosing marketing channels easy.
• It guides you on the kind of content to use for each prospect and the expected results.
• Helps to understand the purchasing behaviour of your targets.
• Creates more relevant performance metrics for your campaigns.

To get started with buyer personas use this free guide with templates included.

3. Chatbot

Until recently, the focus of inbound marketers was to get visitors to their site. Besides the content of the site, there was no other way of engaging the visitors.

Research by Facebook found out that customers reported a 73% satisfaction rate when interacting with a business using live chat software. Unfortunately, According to Nerdy Data, only 0.5% of B2B companies were using chatbots by 2018. This is so besides the fact that 53% of customers are more likely to buy from businesses they can message.

The above and other statistics show that chatbots are necessary tools for B2B marketers. Even better, HubSpot’s chatbot offers more than this. It provides an overview of the visitor’s activity on your site and its source.

Benefits for B2B marketers:

• Sales team can use the information from the visitor’s activity to follow up on the prospect.
• It makes it easy for the marketing department to tailor their campaign content based on the details of the chat.

4. Pillar Pages and Topic Clusters

Thanks to the evolution of the usage of search engines, there is a need for something more than a landing page. The changes in SEO have made it necessary to group content on the same topic. The center of this content is a pillar page, which is like a guide on the entire subject.

For example, for a topic on the HubSpot platform, we can write a guide to HubSpot as the pillar page. To compliment this, we would then have blog posts on HubSpot features, HubSpot partners, and HubSpot benefits. All of these three topics are cluster topics.

HubSpot pillar page and topic cluster features simplify the above task for you. They help you to select topics, choose keywords, and to arrange the posts.

Benefits for B2B marketers:

• The primary benefit is increased SEO optimisation and improved search engine ranking of your content.

5. Sequence

One of the problems a B2B marketer deals with is nurturing prospects and prompting a response. If you have a similar problem, then this is a feature you will get value from. We find this marketing automation tool perfect for nurturing and making follow-ups.

Benefits for B2B marketers:

• Allows you to send templates to your prospects within specified intervals.
• It helps you to customise templates to meet the specific needs of different clients.
• It enables you to add and queue your campaign tasks.
• It automatically closes the planned messages when a contact responds.

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