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HubSpot Partner Series | Why Go HubSpot?
Glen Quinn
Written by Glen Quinn
HubSpot Partner Series | Why Go HubSpot?

Nowadays, the digital marketing arena is competitive and crowded. Therefore, businesses have to work harder to attract quality leads and increase sales. Luckily, there is an inbound marketing and sales platforms that level the playing field. Using marketing software allows companies to generate quality leads and nurture them toward purchase. As a result, the businesses save time, personalise marketing efforts, utilise resources well, and increase their revenue.

If you are considering an inbound marketing platform to use, then HubSpot should be on top of your list. HubSpot is a software that lets you attract, capture, track, and engage qualified leads in one place. Therefore, you can guide each visitor from awareness to purchase without taking a lot of time.

Why Go HubSpot?

1. HubSpot - A Complete Marketing Platform

HubSpot comes with a myriad of features designed to grow your business. However, to utilise it fully, you need to understand both the marketing side and the sales. Otherwise, you will be excelling on one side and failing in the other. We all know sales and marketing produce the best results when their roles are aligned. For instance, if you drive an ice cream truck down the street to attract kids without any ice cream to sell, you will leave the customers frustrated.

With HubSpot, you have all the resources in one corner. You do not need to juggle a mix of WordPress, Moz, Google analytics, and other tools that can aid in your marketing campaign. When you use many tools, marketing becomes exhausting and inefficient. HubSpot ensures you can blog, manage your marketing campaign, and measure the performance of your website. By managing your digital marketing on the platform, you have a bird’s eye view of the performance of the strategies from lead generation to nurturing and conversion.

2. Integrations

If you are already running a WordPress site and need to organise your marketing efforts, then HubSpot provides an excellent platform. With HubSpot integrations, you can integrate the software to your WordPress site, social media pages, Eventbrite, and Slack. The ability to organise your marketing effort on a single platform makes it easy to monitor and measure performance. For instance, you can track all your traffic and nurture the leads from your blog, twitter, or Facebook page. The flexibility also accommodates a variety of businesses and offers a broad platform for marketing.

3. HubSpot Marketing Automation

Personalisation produces fantastic results by converting more leads. You use the behaviour of the leads to customise offers, content, emails, and outreach. However, it is impossible to create tons of content for each individual lead; that is where automation comes in handy. Using workflows and sequences on the platform, you can automate all your marketing efforts. With 59% of B2B marketers preferring emails for their marketing campaign, then HubSpot automation is essential to maximise revenue. An excellent example of automation is using workflows to automate email campaigns. You can create email lists on the platform and choose the triggers, actions, and conditions to ensure perfect timing for sending emails to the right leads.

4. Landing Pages

68% of B2B marketers use strategic landing pages to generate high-quality leads. Landing pages are beneficial in capturing leads and boosting ROI. You can offer resources such as eBooks or discounts in exchange for contact information. You can also gather personal details using a lead-capture form.Building a strategic landing page is a daunting task. However, with HubSpot, you have access to optimised templates from their built-in library. The best part is that the landing pages are optimised for mobile. Therefore, you do not need a professional to do the job for you. Besides, you can utilise their user-friendly editor to build your landing page from scratch. Once you have a template, you can add content and calls-to-action before displaying it on your website. However, for a landing page to be useful, it needs to target the right audience.

5. HubSpot Platform Support

HubSpot has built an excellent reputation among online businesses for their efficiency and excellent tech support. If you encounter glitches when using their platform, their support team is always eager to assist. Besides, there are numerous guides and information on their site on how to navigate their platform.Whenever there is a problem or you do not understand how to use a feature, you should contact support for assistance. They are professionals who will work with you to ensure the issue is resolved. You can also work alongside a HubSpot partner for extra support.

6. The HubSpot App

The HubSpot app allows you to access many features on the go. You can manage various tasks from your mobile device. For instance, if you want to update the contact information, you can easily do it from your phone. Sometimes you may need to chat with contacts on the move or send an email. The app will avail the contact information and make the conversations seamless. When filtering contacts, the HubSpot CRM will make the process straightforward by relying on your filtering settings.


7. The HubSpot Academy

With many online educational tools available, it is hard to determine one that is effective. However, the HubSpot Academy stands outs for the valuable information it offers inbound marketers, sales representatives, and customer service professionals. The HubSpot Academy provides in-depth training on how to excel in sales and marketing using the HubSpot platform. After completing courses you are rewarded with a HubSpot certificate.



HubSpot is a one-stop-shop for marketers who want to maximise their inbound marketing efforts to boost sales. It has many useful features and tons of information on how to increase your customer base and keep them happy. If you would like any more information on why to go HubSpot feel free to get in touch with us a GrabSome. We are proud to be one of the few HubSpot Partners in Ireland.

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